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Aquasky Air Water Generator


(Atmospheric Water Generator or We can call it drinkable air ) 



The Air Water machines and the system technology are truly a remarkable innovation.Clean water could be provided to everyone on earth for an outlay of $1.7 billion a year beyond current spending on water projects, according to the International Water Management Institute. Improving sanitation, which is just as important, would cost a further $9.3 billion per year. This is less than a quarter of global annual spending on bottled water  , Aquasky air water machines can be manufactured and made to any size , and can be shipped and set up in a modular manner, thus offering immediate solutions that deliver any amount of water, to fulfill any need, almost anywhere in the world , cost less than 8 cent a gallon  The proprietary, licensed technologies enjoy world-wide patent protection, are tried, tested and proven, and are currently being successfully used by both the United States and Israeli military forces. The most important resource on this planet and the one facing the most scarcity is water. The technology, developed by the USA navy  ,extracts water out of the air we breathe, and is a unique, tried, tested and proven methodology, that provides cost-effective and efficient solutions to the world-wide water shortage problem. Water produced by the A.W.G technology is clean, pure and drinkable. Sustainable solutions are derived via having unlimited resources without having to deplete natural resources, therefore to sustain pure drinking water without taking all nature natural spring water the best solution is to extract the water from the humidity in the Air we breathe. There is no doubt that humans population is only going to grow and water Requirements will only increase, therefore the price of bottled water will only go up.  With this is Ming it is very economical to start producing your own water from the Air we breathe. Let’s not be fooled that tap water is pure.Admittedly, both kinds of water suffer from occasional contamination problems, but tap water is more stringently monitored and tightly regulated than bottled water. New York City tap water, for example, was tested 430,000 times during 2013 alone   ,    Tap Water is treated and contains chlorine amongst other chemicals that will never be present in your Air Water, straight from the dispenser of the machine.  More than 2.6 billion people, or more than 40 percent of the world's population, lack basic sanitation, and more than one billion people lack reliable access to safe drinking water. The World Health Organization estimates that 80 percent of all illness in the world is due to water-borne diseases, and that at any given time, around half of the people in the developing world are suffering from diseases associated with inadequate water or sanitation, which kill around five million people a year.  Our (Aqua Sky water extraction from air machine ) will be a high tech product, making drinking water without resorting to any water source, this high tech state of the art machine is fit for an army, navigation, airport, hospital, schools, homes, business, "anywhere" .Our aqua sky  water generator is good for developing countries that do not have clean drinking water resources available How to transform air into pure water?       The aqua sky   water generator system is a new, state of the art air to drinking water generating machine which takes humidity out of the air you breathe and turns it into pure drinking water (drinkable air)These systems will produce up to 29 liters of water in a 24-hour period and could store up to 16 liters. All water produced depends on the wattage, air temperature and air humidity. In the future our largest water generator enables users to create up to 5000 liters of pure drinking water, right out of the atmosphere every day, requiring no piped in water. Our systems will come in four models offering different capacities. Each model can be placed on top of buildings, as well as on ground level. In addition, the machines are scalable. So they can be placed in sequence to fulfill the most sizeable water requirements.  The aqua sky water generator will be designed to work outdoors in most hot or humid climates worldwide with humidity levels of 35% to 90%. Our aqua sky water generators will be providing daily Safe drinking water affordably. Emergency Water Generators in Case Of Absence Of Water Resources

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