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Buy online replacement filters for aquasky ROT-4 under sink reverse osmosis water systems filters , Aquasky ROT-4 under counter sink systems replacement filters for repair , Cervice  - include 3-4 filters and a membrane that must be replaced periodically. The different filters represent the different stages that the water goes through while being purified. generally - Pre-Filters in the aquasky ROT-4 and Post-Filters in RO systems can last around 8 To 12 months between changes. RO membranes can last as long as 2 to 3 years!

Aquasky ROT-4 Carbon Filter

$42.00 Regular Price
$33.60Sale Price
  • Stage 2 & 3 Pre-Membrane

    Stage 2 & 3 Are the same - organic ( CTO ) coconut shell carbon block filter

    • forceful remove pesticide residues in water, water pollution odor of ozone, chlorine .
    • Protects and extends the life of the membrane and system.
    • Recommend replace every 8 To 12 months.
    • Standard Size 24-3/4" / 10" 5.5 /15-( 97%)pxi - CVM
    • Tankpro Pro 3.2 & 4.4 Reverse osmosis replacement filter cartridge .
    • Aquasky Rot-4 Reverse osmosis replacement filter cartridge .
    • PA-E Reverse osmosis RO 132 Replacement carbon filter cartridge

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