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Automatic Shut off valve for( AQUASKY ROT 4 )Reverse Osmosis system. Size: 3"x 1.5"The part is marked in and out for easy installation. If you hear your RO System throwing water down the drain? If you do the ASOV is usually the problem. This valve is designed to shut off the water when the product water reaches 2/3 PSI of the feed water, so the RO stops wasting water.


SKU: 0007
  • Installation Instruction for the Aquasky rot 4 Auto Shut Off Valve

    • Cut the red line in half between the carbon block and the RO membrane. There are two input holes and two output holes on the auto shut off valve. Insert the red line into the upper input and output holes. Insert the tip of red hose that is exiting the carbon block into the input hole. Insert the tip of red hose that leads to the membrane through the output hole.

    • Cut the clean water hose 4 inches past the check valve with aviation snips. Cut in a straight line through the diameter. Save the line that has been removed.

    • Insert the tip of the clean water hose exiting the check valve into the lower input hole of the auto shut off valve. Insert the tip of the clean water hose that has been removed into the lower output hole.

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